8400 BaseLine Inverter

Lenze 8400 BaseLine - for continuous movement

  • V/f control without feedback (linear or square)
  • Sensorless vector control
  • short-circuit monitoring
  • earth fault monitoring
  • PC diagnosis
  • 400 V device with integrated brake chopper
  • 180% Overload current (3 s)
  • Freely assignable "User" menu
  • S-ramps for smooth acceleration and deceleration without damaging the material
  • DC braking function
  • PID controller

The inverter has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please ask for alternatives via the contact button.

Price on request
E84AVBCE2512SX0 Lenze inverter 8400 BaseLine with CANopen
Rated power:0,25 kW /0,33 HP, Output current:1,7 A, Rated voltage:230 VAC 1-Phase
Price on request
Lenze inverter 8400 BaseLine
Price on request
Lenze inverter 8400 BaseLine 400V 0.37kW / 0.5HP CANopen
Price on request
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